The Incredible Years

About The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years® is a series of interlocking, evidence-based programs for parents, children, and teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The goal is to prevent and treat young children’s behavior problems and promote their social, emotional, and academic competence. The programs are used worldwide in schools and mental health centers and have been shown to work across cultures and socioeconomic groups.



We act on the belief – that a child is the most precious of all human beings, and the
ability to withstand the emotional and social challenges as a teenager, clearly rests
upon a caring relationship between parent, teacher and child.

Our mission is to advance the social and emotional behavior of children of all ethnic
groups, through a series of interlocking parent, teacher and child programs supported by more than thirty years of clinically proven worldwide research.

Our goal is to deliver evidence-based programs and materials that develop positive parent-teacher-child relationships and assist in preventing and treating behavior problems and promoting social, emotional, and academic competence before a child becomes an adult.


  • Develop comprehensive treatment programs for young children with early onset conduct problems and ADHD.
  • Develop cost-effective, community-based, universal prevention programs that all families and teachers of young children can use to promote social and emotional learning, emotion regulation and problem solving.
  • Prevent children from developing conduct problems in the first place.

    The long term goal of the series is to prevent delinquency, drug abuse, and violence.